Balloons app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2874 ratings )
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Developer: Chudigi Software
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Aug 2008
App size: 2.14 Mb

Send dozens of colorful balloons floating into the sky with a swipe of your finger. Increase the inflation size with slower swipes. Use quick taps to make lots of tiny balloons. If the sky gets crowded shake to pop. Features realistic balloon sounds.

Pros and cons of Balloons app for iPhone and iPad

Balloons app good for

My godson loves it. Everytime he sees me he says "nanny I balloon" lol. He is 2.
If you were to make it so we could pop the Balloons in the air, that would be great
This is a great thing to do. Adicting. Great 4 photos. I love the aspect of getting new locations by pressing different Balloons. 
This is great fun! Even my Mom enjoyed it! I cant wait until my nieces and nephews are old enough to play it too. The only thing I didnt like is that I cant change the background. Id much prefer a nice blue sky to an amuzement park ride.
Very relaxing. And there IS a difference between Koi Pond and this. This is more happy and Koi Pond just gets you relaxed. How do you change the screen? It would be great if it was obvious. Good for free.
My nephew is 3 and always asking me to play a game and this is perfect for him!! It amuses him while I have to do little things around my house. Thanks so much for the simple app :)

Some bad moments

I dont know. Its pretty boring and after awhile I deleted it. Just get Koi Pond! Hehe I know Koi Pond has nothing to do with Balloons...but its fun and relaxing....get Koi Pond not this
This game Is strange. I dont really get what to do. Just blow up Balloons? Doesnt sound that great to me. Dont get it. Its a waste of time
I dont get this game! What is the point... This game must be pointless.. Y would u make such a dissapointing game!?!?!? Jeeze.. :,/
This game it pointless it only takes up space dont get it!!!!!
Thought this would b an intresting and fun app but u cant really do anything with it. Upsetting
This game wasnt fun at all a you do is blow up big Balloons big deal